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“Absolutely brilliant and inspiring! This is how I would describe Stacey Lo. Brilliant because it was her strategic design that gave life the Women’s Art and Music Festival of Fresno. This project’s success provided the Rape Counseling Services with $12,000 to assist survivors of trauma. Stacey’s passion to help people inspired the rest of the team with logos, promotional, flyers, and social media ads to work together! We did a series of fundraisers which not only created awareness of the abuse women experience but also of the musical and artistic talents hidden in our local communities. Purple designs and situates inspired by Stacey because the face of this movement and move the community of Fresno to attend to the festivals for the past two years. None of the success we had could have been possible without Stacey’s talent and vision for our event. We are thankful for her work and dedication and for the patience she showed working in high levels of stress and short time. Way to go Stacey!”

— Stephanie canales - wamff director

“I met Stacey two years ago while contracting for a freelance web designer position for a non profit I am affiliated with, Set Her Free (setherfree.org). Over the course of six months, Stacey led the design effort for a brand new website for the organization. Most recently, Stacey again led the web design effort for lets-talk.how, a relaunch of an existing website for my current organization, Health Connected.

During the course of both projects, Stacey exhibited the utmost professionalism. Her expertise in the area of design is overwhelmingly apparent and the guidance she provided me, as the overseeing manager for these projects, was invaluable. Stacey is always courteous, timely, responsive via phone and email, and maintains a professional tone at all times.

What impressed me most about Stacey is her ability to contribute fresh ideas, understand my vision, be candid with me about what tactics will and will not work and why, and her commitment to projects. I only wish I had the chance to collaborate with Stacey in person on a regular basis - though all of her work was done remotely, she still delivered excellent and timely products. I highly recommend her for a position in this sphere.”

— Jennifer Rogers, Communications Manager at Health Connected